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Carroll ISD aquatic center renamed after student who drowned

The Carroll school district’s aquatic center is being renamed in honor of Elise Cerami, a student who lost her life there. Her mom, Lori Cerami, started the Swim for Elise Foundation and has been working to raise awareness about water dangers even for experienced swimmers.

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From Fox 4 News, February 2, 2023

Get to the Pointe

Lori joined this podcast to share the water safety messages of the Swim4Elise Foundation.

April 26, 2023

Lori Cerami continues to honor her daughter’s legacy by promoting water safety

June 6, 2022 | Published by: Southlake Independent | Written by: Eleanor Skelton

The throng of runners who showed up to take part in the Run4Elise event last month are no doubt familiar with the story of how the event came to be and what it means to the dynamo—Lori Cerami—behind the run. Cerami, whose 13-year-old daughter, Elise, was a student athlete who drowned during swim practice in 2016, wants no family to experience what hers faced six years ago.

“It’s hard to wrap your head around, somebody who knows how to swim could still drown, but it happens,” she said. “Your kid can swim a mile in 20 minutes—you think they’re safe. We remind people that even after someone knows how to swim, they still need someone watching the water, regardless if it’s a public pool or your own private backyard pool.”

Run4Elise: A Positive Wave of Change

March 2020 ● By Jennifer Sloan

Climbing temperatures mean summer is on the way—bringing with it summer fun and more water activities. On the flip side, more swimming also means an increased chance of drowning accidents. Knowing the facts, myths and safety precautions can save lives. Join Swim4Elise at their annual Run4Elise event on April 4th to support their positive wave of change.

Southlake’s Swim4Elise Foundation directing conversations to drowning prevention

May 17, 2019 | Published by: Community Impact | Written by: Renee Yan

Lori Cerami received a phone call shortly after dropping her 13-year-old daughter Elise off at an early morning swim practice June 20, 2016. Elise’s swim coach told Cerami that her daughter was being rushed to the hospital.

Elise’s teammates had found her unconscious at the bottom of the pool, Cerami said. The swimmers who pulled her out later calculated she was underwater for about six minutes: She drowned during practice. There was no lifeguard on duty, and neither of the coaches saw Elise, she said.

In the aftermath, the family began receiving donations from those who wanted to help. This ultimately led to the Swim4Elise Foundation.

Run4Elise: A Positive Wave of Change

March 2019 ● By Lori Cerami

Elise was many things to many people. An exceptional student. A dedicated athlete. Our amazing daughter. Bryce’s loving sister.

She was a treasured friend who loved hugs, and “Hamilton,” and definitely reading. She was tenacious, persistent, and motivated beyond compare. I was always in awe of her passion.

Like many parents, we encouraged Elise early on to find a lifelong sport that she could incorporate into a healthy lifestyle. In her quest to find that sport, she started with tennis at age four. By age seven, she added swimming to the mix.

Rising To The Challenge

May 08, 2018 09:43AM ● Published by Ashley Madonna

As the summer quickly approaches, more locals will be cooling off by diving into the water. While swimming can be a great way to get in a little exercise or relax on a warm day, water emergencies can quickly become life threatening. So The Swim4Elise Foundation is calling North Texas swimmers to step up and participate in the 100 Lifeguard Challenge.

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Lori Cerami and son, Bryce, accept the Green Crystal Award from the Center for Children’s Health, led by Cook Children’s. The award was given in recognition of Swim4Elise’s partnership efforts with the Center’s 2017 Drowning Prevention Campaign.