Can you tell if the following statements are

These graphics and statistics are part of a July 2016 report published by, available for download here.

Myth or fact: I'll hear it if a child is in danger of drowning.

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*Source: Brenner RA. Prevention of drowning in infants, children, and adolescents. Pediatrics. 2003;112(2): 440-445.

Myth or fact: I can step away for a few minutes while my child swims.

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*Source: American Red Cross. Lifeguarding Today. 1994. ISBN 10: 0801675553 ISBN 13: 9780801675553

Myth or fact: If a lifeguard is on duty, I don't have to watch my child closely.

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*Source: Ramos W, Beale A, Chambers A, Dalke S, Fielding R, Kublick L, Langendorfer S, Lees T, Quan L, Wernicki P. Primary and secondary drowning interventions: The American Red Cross circle of drowning prevention and chain of drowning survival. International Journal of Aquatic Research and Education. 2015;9:89-101.

Myth or fact: My child won't drown because he knows how to swim well.

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*Source: National Center for Fatality Review and Prevention. National Child Death Review Case Reporting System (CDR-CRS). Analysis of drowning deaths for 0-17 year olds, 2005-2014

For more common misconceptions and their factual realities, please download the complete SafeKids report.


MacKay JM, Steel A, Dykstra H, Wheeler T, Samuel E, Green A. Keeping Kids Safe In and Around Water: Exploring Misconceptions that Lead to Drowning. Washington, D.C.: Safe Kids Worldwide, June 2016.